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And Then Hope To Stay 


When It's Time To Die 

Walking Blind

Sometimes Hurts

Are you a killer? Having never myself either I only bring myself to daydream of such when in traffic. What if evil was real though would you want to see how much fight you could put up against the "monsters" in this world preying on you? Some in this society do...

All While,

Other ones probably should!

The Documentary: Sex Crimes

Coming Sooner Than You Think

Disclaimer: Do NOT try to mimic or recreate these stunts or activities. Domestic violence is a very serious subject. Each day millions of Americans face the reality of living in crisis or with a mental illness. If you or someone in your life is believed by you to be in danger please reach out for help. The national suicide prevention lifeline is always available. Just dial "988" from any telephone and reach a crisis counselors if in need.

Most Hoes Want To Lose Their Clothes not Our Bro's 

Gallery Coming Soon...


Killas Like This Never Bury The Hatchet Only The Hoes

 Gallery Coming Soon...

What our law enforcement are saying

 You can't choose a customers testimonial, review, or a quote towards the media. Each occurrence gives prospective killers confidence in their methodical ways.

Jane Doe - Another Cop, LLC

During A Performance Stunt An Unknowing Onlooker Saw And Said

Oh shit, that is just not right!

Ernest C. - Delivery Driver

Engage People With Footage For Your Own Adult Entertainment Needs. Don't Delay Ask How & Get Started.


Now Drops

A Place To Go To Laugh At Others

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